Save the Baby Salmon!!

There’s good news and bad news about that flooded field in the video. The good news is that it is full of juvenile salmon. They are fattening up on their journey to the sea. When rivers flood these young salmon leave the rough river and swim onto the floodplain for food and shelter.

That’s the good news. This water is full of young salmon who are getting fat and strong in preparation for their perilous journey to the sea.

The bad news is that the salmon thriving in this wetland never made the journey.

River Partners needs your help to make sure that in the future endangered salmon thrive, instead of perish, as a result of conditions created by high water.

You see, in the name of flood protection the banks of the Sacramento River have been armored with rock. But in places like this, that armor keeps the floodwaters from naturally flowing back into the river. Now, we have what you see in the video. It’s a lake. It’s a fish trap. There’s no way out.

Luckily, it can be fixed.

River Partners needs your help to connect this wetland, and others like it, back to the river so that when sites flood, the water will eventually flow back into the river.

Our plan is to dig a channel back to the river that will drain the fish trap at the right time. We know from watching that the salmon will find the new channel and return to the river. And, more good news: the fish that survive will be three times stronger than they would be had they stayed in the river.

100% of your gift will go toward saving these salmon, and all the future salmon that will end up on this site in the next floods. Thank you for helping this iconic species.


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